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The Martinez lab studies RNA regulatory mechanisms that control gene expression. We focus on mRNA processing, RNA modifications and their roles in development and disease.

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We are enthusiastic about training and working with the next generation of scientists. We welcome colleagues with diverse experiences, backgrounds, and skill sets. If you are curious about RNA and want to engage in stimulating research in a supportive and inclusive environment, join us. We are currently hiring at all levels.

Undergraduate students
If you are a Stanford undergrad please email Nicole with your CV and a short summary of research interests.

Graduate students
Prospective graduate students can apply to any of the Stanford PhD programs. Please email Nicole if you are interested in a rotation.

Postdoctoral fellows
Candidates will have a PhD in life sciences or related fields. Please email Nicole with a cover letter describing your interest in the lab, a CV and contact information for three references.

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Nicole Martinez

Nicole Martinez

Nicole is an Assistant Professor in the Departments of Chemical and Systems Biology and of Developmental Biology and a Stanford ChEM-H Institute Scholar. She was a postdoctoral fellow at Yale University and earned her PhD at the University of Pennsylvania. Nicole is excited about all things RNA. Current interests include RNA modifications, splicing, 3’ end processing and co-transcriptional processing. Welcome!

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